The U.S. Military is the finest,most proficiently trained protector of liberty and freedom, the world has ever seen. Unfortunately the ineptness of the Washington D.C. politicians of both political parties (Democrat and Republican), have necessitated the use of our military forces to protect our country and the nations of the entire world, because of failed political diplomacy. History should be our best teaching institution in maintaining global peace and freedom, but those we elect to higher office often fail in understanding that when we let our guard down in this dangerous world, there is sure to be a country or countries willing to violate the sovereignty of other countries to take by force territory outside their borders, or seek to subject weaker countries to tyrannical rule.

We have seen this happen time and time again, when our country has been lulled into complacency by the enormous economic prosperity we have brought to the world, the advances in science and medicine, and the elevation of whole peoples out of poverty through our free market capitalism system. Yes, there are many who would challenge the fact that capitalism is the only economic/political system that has the ability to free the spirit and creativity of people, to exercise their natural, God-given rights to pursue their dreams of prosperity.

They choose instead to force their brand of Marxism, socialism, and other collectivism schemes, which have proven to enslave their subjects to lives of mediocrity at best, but most often poverty, while the ruling class basks in the luxury of the labor of others. Such systems are often held together at the point of a gun, and it becomes the solemn duty of America to use military force to enable those trapped by tyranny to be free. When our military remains strong history has proven there are few willing to enslave others, and it acts as the best deterrent to global peace.

The videos we will post on this site are a tribute to those who have volunteered to protect and defend the United States and the values of liberty and freedom we champion as the guardian of global peace. Nearly 2.9 million members of our armed services have been killed in this endeavor since our country’s founding and should never be taken lightly. Perhaps one day our political leaders will understand why American leadership is a requirement and that God has chosen us to be that protector.


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