Articles published by Ed Mattson can be found on numerous websites which may be listed in the “LINKS” section. Most articles address military and veterans affairs, however, over the last two years, I have been asked to address other topics such as cancer issues, government malfeasance, current political subjects, along with special articles and short series on historic events. I will post my work here on my homepage and/or The Conservative Word website.

We have a president who refuses to acknowledge we are are war with terror, even though ISIS and the other terror organizations have declared war on American and the rest of Western Civilization. Perhaps his next proclamation, after he comes in from the golf course, will be for all Americans to close our eyes and put our hands over our ears and hope the terrorists along with the Boogieman will disappear!

The Declaration of Independence was America’s Birth Certificate. The U.S. Constitution, is the second greatest governing document ever written. Both documents provided for the birth of the greatest nation in the history of mankind. Interestingly, the greatest governing document is the Ten Commandment, which became the foundation for the other two. It seems the Left in American politics is rejecting the basis of the country, which was so eloquently described by two different but very important presidents

In the Jim Crow Era, Blacks were treated as second class citizens, mostly in the southern states, where anyone of color was required to sit in the back of the bus, use Blacks-only water fountains and bath rooms, eat in set aside areas of restaurants, attend racially substandard schools, and often were denied the right to vote for any number of reasons. The same treatment today is rendered to any minority who has the gall to announce he is leaving the Democrat Party to become a Republican, by the liberal media and the Democrat Party.


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